Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Art Deco Inspired Outfits

 As I was sat watching Agatha Christie's Poirot, I noticed that many of the women wore a shirt done right the way up to the top with  an oval brooch where the top button sits. I loved this look so I ordered some brooches online, and tried the look out and I really like it.

I wanted to try and really get an Art Deco feel to this outfit. I choose the shirt because I have seen similar burgundy colours worn by many women from this era, which lead me to believe that it was one of the fashionable colours. The brooches they wore were often oval with stones and pearls in them, to me this brooch resembled one from around this time.

While I was looking at brooches I came across this beautiful Gothic bird skull brooch. I thought it would look wonderful in this style. It has a shape and border resembling those which I saw, but it would give an edgier more modern feel to it.

As I was impatiently waiting for the brooches I had ordered to arrive I found this watermelon pinned to an old jumper and thought that the colours went really well with this blue shirt. I think this is a modern interpenetration of  the style.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Red Lipstick For Day Wear?

I have been really enjoying wearing bright red lipstick recently; I don't go out in the evenings very often so I haven't really worn my red lipstick much because I was always too afraid it was an evening thing, but I started wearing it in the day time. This brought up the question: is red lipstick inappropriate for day time wear?

People seem to have a mixed opinion on this, but in the end I think it depends on how you wear it.

If you are going to wear red lipstick then maybe don't wear so much eye make up just a little bit of eye liner or subtle colours of eye shadow and mascara. This morning I was applying huge winged eye liner but then I made the wings much smaller to allow for the bright lips.

The more red a shade of lipstick is the brighter it looks so buying a bluer one can make a difference,  another thing which will make it more subtle is choosing a sheer one, or one that is more of a tint.

I think that if you like it, and feel confidant wearing it, then it will look brilliant and bold.