Monday, 28 January 2013

Soy Candles

I recently discovered that burning regular candles can lead to lots of health problems, such as cancer, eczema  and so on. Most candles are made  from paraffin, which is made from the gunk at the bottom crude oil, this stuff don't sound good. For more information about that click here.

My point is not about how bad these paraffin candles are, it is about how I discovered my love for soy candles. When I discovered that paraffin candles weren't great I searched for an alternative and discovered soy candles, but they were awfully expensive and I couldn't really afford one.

Eventually, by chance I saw loads of soy candles in TK MAXX, I was so happy because they were only about £6 rather large and in a wide range of scents or as I like to think of them Flavours. I have Two now: a very small vanilla cupcake flavour one and a sea glass flavoured one.

They smell really nice and when burnt the smell fills the room; I often found that with paraffin candles the smell wouldn't fill the room and would simply be non-existent once it was being burnt. I much prefer the soy candles to the other ones.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Very Basic 3D Nail Art

 I have always admired people who can do their nails well, and love the Japanese style of nail art. I have been looking at it on Google images for ages and finally decided to have a go.

I ordered these cute little nail bow from eBay I will link them but as it is eBay they might not still be there if you see this post in a a weeks time. They were 30 pieces fro 99p. I got two different set in two different colours, I got one in khaki and another in purple.

The nail varnish I used is Barry M in the colour Silvery Lilac, its quite thin so I had to use 2 coats.

I didn't use nail glue to get the bows to stick I just placed them on to the nail varnish when it was still wet. I think I might buy some nail glue for next time though.

I put the bows right at the back of my nails to stop them form coming off when I did normal things, I always chi the tips of my nails any way.

I want to try some different and more complicated designs so I have ordered a dotting tool form eBay, so I can do that.

I love looking at the little bows on my fingers.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Irregular Choice Abigail's Party Shoe Review

 I only have one pair of irregular choice shoes they are the Abigail's party collection/style. They come in LOADS of colours but these were my favorites.

To begin with I found them hard to wear because they looked so amazing I found it hard to put them with an outfit but I realized that they go with loads of things and I started to wear them more :]

For heels they are really easy to walk in, at least that's how I find it. Because they are almost boots and come up around my ankles  more than most other heels, it gives more support and makes them easier to walk in.

They are also comfy and I can wear them all day/ night with out my feet killing me, which is great. Basically they are great and they haven't got any signs of wear at all. :]